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Based on 7986 reviews
Great all-around pack

A very versatile pack. My kitten is only 7 lbs but I love that it gives him room for either laying in at home, moving on the trail, or resting. Breathable, with options to change out the front from the bubble to a screen or just left open. Also big enough to throw a cooling or warming pad in the bottom depending on the season. Also maybe important to some, I'm petite and this wears comfortably for me as well! This will be his backpack for life!

We love it!

Very comfy and makes Aspen feel safe all the time when exploring the great outdoors!

Works great, cats don't love it yet, but they will!

Everything came intact and was easy to set up. My cats don't love it, but I know they will eventually!

Needs a waist belt

This backpack has potential. It boast that it holds 25# of cat, but that much weight on my shoulders is not great for more than a stroll around the yard. The two of my kittens combined weigh about 16lbs, and even that is too heavy. I love backpacking and carry a 30-35# pack, but it has a hip belt which distributes the weight. Please add a hip/waist belt to your next design! Also, the tether does not allow a cat to lie down while attached. I don’t use the tether when carrying two kittens, as it would just tangle them up, so no open top with two cats.

Best Cat Travel bag

Locate in Australia, I have two ragdolls, one is 5.6kg & other one is 4.4kg. They love to adventure outside world so I always take them to bushwalk. This travel bag meets everything that I need. Even carry with two large cats it won’t hurt my back. Love it!

Fat cat Back Pack

Thanks my Mr.Jingles Loves his cat cant wait to go out when it gets warm 🤗🤗

Easy to Carry, Sturdy Pack

The backpack is easy to carry - even on smaller frames (5'2). Kitty had plenty of room - Xico is 11 lbs and just over 1 YO. The harness tethers well to the internal latch. The side pickets carry treats and water + water bowl easily. The internal pad cleans fast - I added an extra bad for comfort, but I am not sure it is needed. Xico and I have lots of adventures in store and this pack will make it easy for him to be comfy and enjoy the road.

obsessed w this

love it so much and so do my kitties!


I have seen the travel cat backpack online for a year or so and always wanted to get it and finally decided to do so, and I’m so happy I did! Definitely glad I got the “fat cat” one cause my cats are very massive in size not weight, so they have room to move around! My one cat it is a slow process getting her to like the backpack and it might just need to be a carrier for travel for like the vet, but my other one loves it so far and enjoys looking around when we walk! Very impressed with the quality of the bag, very study and good material!

Perfect for curious cats!

We love our cat backpack. We take our kitten everywhere in it and he loves being outside and being able to look around. Sometimes he just sits outside next to us in his backpack so he can feel like he’s included (he has major fomo, lol). Even as he grows it is a good size for walking or buckling into a car for road trips. It’s a must have!

Very cool catpack!

Large enough for my hybrid feline. Comfortable and sturdy. Now Hamachi can join Dylan and Pepper for walks.

Just wonderful!

The cat condo in my family room was of no interest to my SweetiePie. I added a Marshmallow Bed and now she loves it!

It's nicely made but wish there was one more opening on the side

My cat has a hard time jumping into the carrier so it would've been easier if there was another opening on the side for him to get in. Otherwise, very spacious and well made.

Both my cat and I are obsessed!

Even from the first unwrapping my kitten was so curious! She runs in the opening every time I’m near the back door and she’s super comfy in it even for longer periods of time. It’s also very sturdy which I like. My kitty isn’t flopping around everywhere and even when I am removing it from my back it’s easy to keep it level and it’s super comfy to wear! My cat (and myself) really appreciate enjoying fresh air safely!

Love it

Absolutely love it. It was exactly what I saw online and received ❤❤❤

Great backpack!

My cat loves the backpack and purrs while napping in it at home and while traveling in it as I hike around the woods. Still working on the harness and leash aspect.

Sturdy and Quite Big

I have a 14 lbs cat who is quite big. This backpack suits him well and he loves it! Also sturdy enough that I don't feel like he'll rip any holes in it anytime soon. He's quite destructive.

Soft as a cloud!

My Violet is thrilled with her new bed. I purchased a medium, but as a 10 lb house cat a small would have been fine. She's feeling like a queen now and it's become her favorite place for daytime naps!

Koji loves it.

Trips to the vets resulted in lots of “get me out of here“ meows when using a hand carry transporter. The the height of the backpack and the bubble Koji can look out and see where noises are coming from. He can also feel my warmth. My husband walks behind us so Koji can see a familiar face. There are still a few quizzical meows but nothing like before. Last night we went to the grocery store and he had a good time.At home he jumps into the pack and plays astrocat.

Sturdy + Spacious

My cat is an old boy and has never been a big fan of adventure, but this is perfect for safely traveling in the car. He's a chonky 14 libs and there's plenty of room for him to lay down. The bag feels super durable and high quality and I trust it'll hold up for a long time to come! Nice that it has pockets on the sides too, and a chest strap. The only thing I'd maybe add to it is a second buckle strap for the waist/hips to take some weight off my shoulders since my cat's pretty heavy.

Fluffy as a Cloud

I ordered a marshmallow bed for my cat Luna. She absolutely loves this bed!! Definitely recommend for all cat lovers!

love it!

ive been searching for a backpack i can use to carry around my cat for a while now, and most of them are too small for my cat (a male ragdoll). this one is perfect for him and incredibly well made. it’s sturdy, and even though it’s big, it’s really light to carry even with him in it.

My cat loves it

I’m so happy to have this backpack. Love cute window. It’s spacious for 6kg cat. Firm and stable to carry. It made taking my cat out easier and more fun. Well designed.

Great Product

My cat and I love the new leash. It’s very comfortable for the cat and effective leash for us to take him for walks.