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Leather Bubble Cat Backpack

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  • Take your cat with you wherever you go! Make every trip an adventure! This airline approved Leather Bubble Cat Backpack carrier is purrfect for travelling with your furry friend. It has plenty of space and gives your kitty a roomy feel.

    🐾 [ Transparent Bubble Window Design ] : Cats love to keep a close eye on their surroundings. The large transparent window allows your fur baby to enjoy the outdoor sceneries even more.

    🐾 [ Excellent Ventilation ] : The mesh side panels and large ventilation air holes on the bubble attachment and both sides ensure fresh air circulation for your fur-kid.

    🐾 [ Functional & Durable ] : Made from premium oxford leather, this backpack is waterproof, claw-resistant, easy to clean, and lightweight. The wide padded shoulder straps are comfortable even during long outings and the chest buckle system also helps ease evenly disperse the weight of the load. The extra security leash prevents your cat from jumping out of the carrier. The front pockets are perfect for a can of friskies or a bag of treats!

Customer Reviews

Based on 276 reviews
Wendy F.
I’m obsessed!!!!

I have a dog and 3 cats and live in NYC so being able to fit them all into the same carrier (not at the same time) and have easy access for the train/cabs is a must and hard to find. This backpack is PURRFECT! Easy to carry, light weight and my animals really seem to love it! I’m so happy!

Jason W.

I bought this backpack for our cat to use on a cross country move. At first she was not happy about it, but then she got used to it, and enjoyed looking through the side mesh windows. Before the big trip we took her in short hikes and car rides to help her get used to the carrier.I was skeptical about this product, given some of the bad reviews, still I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed. The quality of the backpack is very sturdy, and the inside fluffy pillow allows the cat to lay comfortably. My husband carried her most of the time, but with my cat weighing 18 lbs, and adding it to the weight of the backpack it was still not too heavy to carry her for my petite frame. The only negative thing I can mention is that at the beginning it was kinda difficult to lock the plastic bubble into place, but once it was locked, it stayed firm into place. Overall we really love this product, and it is a much better upgrade than regular uncomfortable and hard carriers.

Yolanda M.
Cat approved!

Nice and spacious, can fit both of my cats if they wanna be together. Has an adjustable tether inside so if you choose not to attach the bubble and leave it completely open for your cat to peer out, they won’t be able to jump out. Great material. We purchased our first one last year and used it a lot whenever the weather is nice outside for hikes and bike rides because our cat enjoys being outside. Got a second one for our new kitten(in photo). We gets raves from everyone that see it. I’m very happy with this product.

Kevin W.M.
Indoor Cat No More!

This is so awesome! When I go out to take my dogs for a walk I can now take my cat (indoor) for a walk so he can finally get some fresh air. It's very comfortable to carry on your back, it's very sturdy, and as soon as I got it zipped together my cat went right inside and laid down. Now I can't wait to take him with me and the dogs for a nice walk. Thank you Pet Trip, you have an awesome cat back pack!!! I highly recommend this cat back pack!

Alicia S.
Awesome kitty backpack!

Love the backpack. Very spacious picture shows our kitten at 7 months old. I’m pretty sure she’ll learn to enjoy the backpack and get used to it 😊. Very comfortable on the shoulders and back. Love it a lot!

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