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"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack - For Larger Cats

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  • Take Any-sized Cat... Anywhere You Want! Even on an Airplane!!

    "The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack is the easiest, safest, and most comfortable way to carry your cat!

    Think your cat is too big? Or do you have multiple cats?

    Our extra-roomy design can hold cats weighing 25 pounds… or 2 smaller cats at the same time! Your cat will love the viewing window and will feel safe, secure, and happy while you take them on a new adventure or even on a flight because it is FAA approved.

    It's time to ditch your old cat carrier!

    Do you like hiking, camping, and other adventures? "The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack allows you to bring your kitty with you! This backpack is also excellent for public transport & veterinarian appointments.

    Plus, it's made with premium, claw-resistant material. It also includes air holes and a robust, breathable mesh for optimal airflow.

    It also features two zipper options that keep your cats comfortable and secure inside. The spacious zipper openings make getting your cat in and out of the backpack a breeze.

    "The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack is packed with love and sold internationally where thousands of other happy cat owners use it!

man carrying fat cat backpack walking on the beach

🐾 [ A Smooth, Fun Ride ]
"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack truly gives your kitty a smoother ride than traditional kennels or cat carriers. Our design prevents cats from being knocked around. Plus, cats love peering out of the top or looking through the window which is something they can't do in a boxy kennel. Plus, we are all about safety! The provided security leash prevents your cat from jumping out of the carrier.

🐾 [ Functionality & Convenience ]
You can't store things in traditional cat carriers. "The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack is loaded with strategically placed pockets and compartments so you can keep all of your cat's food and accessories secured all in one place. Plus, all the pockets are made from breathable materials which also provides added ventilation for your cat.

dark gray fat cat backpack front features close-up

dark gray fat cat backpack with accessories

🐾 [ Ditch Your Old Cat Carrier! ]
Don't lock your cat up inside one of those dark scary cat carriers that only have one opening and are hard to lug around. You and your cat will be much happier with our design because it is much easier to carry and gives your cat more options to look around at the scenery.

🐾 [ Comfort For You & Your Cat ]
Our design is not only comfortable for cats, our wide, and thick shoulder pads feature plenty of padding to disperse weight evenly between your shoulders. The shoulder straps also feature adjustable chest buckle straps that will lighten the load. We've also added a padded back mat for even more added comfort.

dark gray fat cat backpack back features close-up

Customer Reviews

Based on 384 reviews
Very cool catpack!

Large enough for my hybrid feline. Comfortable and sturdy. Now Hamachi can join Dylan and Pepper for walks.

It's nicely made but wish there was one more opening on the side

My cat has a hard time jumping into the carrier so it would've been easier if there was another opening on the side for him to get in. Otherwise, very spacious and well made.

cat approved!

Love the size, it's sturdiness, and interchangeable window. My kitty can climb on top of the backpack itself and it won't bend under pressure, she loves to stick her head out of the window, and it still has room for another cat if your cat isn't on the fluffier side

My cat is now an adventure cat

My cat is 18 pounds and fits comfortably in the backpack sitting up or laying down. He loves going for walks in this and jumps right in it when I bring it out. If we’re just going a few blocks to the park, I’ll wear the backpack frontwards and it’s still comfortable for me to carry. If we go for a long hike I prefer to wear it as a backpack.

I’ve had this thing for 5 minutes and my cats already adore it!

This is the same exact size as the $150 Jackson’s backpack/your cat backpack, FYI. Much better price!!I have a nearly 20 pound black cat and a 10 pound orange cat. My black cat is pretty large, but he fit in this backpack perfectly!! They love boxes and small spaces so they instantly adored this pack. My orange baby still refuses to get out, lol. When either one lays down, they can see out of the bubble perfectly. I closed my black cat in the pack and he didn’t mutter a word of discomfort, which he always does in his carrier. The visibility really helps him. Even after opening the top, he stayed in and even took a brief nap.Every cat is different, though! Mine were very easy, so don’t dismiss a bad reaction as “the pack is too small,” give them some time to get used to it and do it in small bursts. If the pack truly is too small, your baby won’t get used to it and you’ll have to retire the experience and try something new.Make sure that if you have your cat in a collar/harness and you have the top screen open, you are certain they won’t jump out when clipped to the pack. I had my backpack facing forward when doing this and my cat tried to climb out, lol! The hook is a helpful safety measure but doesn’t guarantee your kitty won’t try and escape. And often times, they can use a tether like the leash & hook to escape from their collar/harness since you can’t control their motion!!!!! Don’t let them be successful, either wear the pack forward so you can snag them when they leap out or be sure to train your cat not to escape.

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