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Banana Cat Bed

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Yellow Green
Deep Sky Blue
  • The Banana Peel is purrfect for your cat to hide, nap, and peek out at unsuspecting passersby! It's cozy, plush, and extremely soft. Your cat is guaranteed to love this Bed. Peel the banana open or closed with velcro closure for maximum comfort and sneakiness.

    banana cat bed

    Give your beloved cat optimal comfort with our Banana Cat Bed! Our Banana Cat Bed provides an extra cozy and warm spot for your cat on a cold winter day. It features a banana peel your cat can hide in and out of while still having the privacy the cat needs.

    collage cat playing yellow banana cat bed

    Just peel open the top layer of the banana to sneak a peek at your fur baby sleeping inside. This banana-shaped bed not only gives your cat the purrfect cat cave bed, but it's also fun to watch the cat sleeping in it!

    yellow banana cat bed close up

Customer Reviews

Based on 335 reviews
It's a hit!

When we brought the banana bed out of the bag, our cat Archer went inside instantly. At the end of the day on Christmas, he was in it for about 3 hours, cozy as could be. Eventually our other cat Sweet Dee joined the party. They aren't cat bed cats but they love the banana bed! It's super soft and a real crowd pleaser! Highly recommend!

It's freaking cute!

Super cute and awesome accent in the room. Got it for my kitty in XL so he can grow into it, and its perfect! He loves to play in it and it's his ultimate hiding/sleeping spot.

It fits my chonky kitty!

Probably the best thing I've gotten for my cats in a long time. Definitely a conversation starter when someone new enters my house. My cats were wary of it at first. One likes it more than the other. But they think its a fun place it hide in. Plus it fits my chonky kitty.

Cat in a Banana

Can't go too wrong when your cat is laying in a banana. My cats love sitting in it and on it. Not too firm on the base, but it stays up well enough. I got the XL and glad I did, plenty spacious.

Cute novelty cat bed

I have three cats and one of them really likes this banana boat bed. It makes me laugh.

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