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"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack - For Larger Cats
Very cool catpack!

Large enough for my hybrid feline. Comfortable and sturdy. Now Hamachi can join Dylan and Pepper for walks.

Just wonderful!

The cat condo in my family room was of no interest to my SweetiePie. I added a Marshmallow Bed and now she loves it!

"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack - For Larger Cats
It's nicely made but wish there was one more opening on the side

My cat has a hard time jumping into the carrier so it would've been easier if there was another opening on the side for him to get in. Otherwise, very spacious and well made.

Both my cat and I are obsessed!

Even from the first unwrapping my kitten was so curious! She runs in the opening every time I’m near the back door and she’s super comfy in it even for longer periods of time. It’s also very sturdy which I like. My kitty isn’t flopping around everywhere and even when I am removing it from my back it’s easy to keep it level and it’s super comfy to wear! My cat (and myself) really appreciate enjoying fresh air safely!

Love it

Absolutely love it. It was exactly what I saw online and received ❤❤❤

Soft as a cloud!

My Violet is thrilled with her new bed. I purchased a medium, but as a 10 lb house cat a small would have been fine. She's feeling like a queen now and it's become her favorite place for daytime naps!

Fluffy as a Cloud

I ordered a marshmallow bed for my cat Luna. She absolutely loves this bed!! Definitely recommend for all cat lovers!

Great Product

My cat and I love the new leash. It’s very comfortable for the cat and effective leash for us to take him for walks.

I definitely recommend!

I would definitely recommend this harness and leash it’s very secure, and super easy to put on! My kitty is 3 months and the S fits perfectly!

I’m obsessed!!!!

I have a dog and 3 cats and live in NYC so being able to fit them all into the same carrier (not at the same time) and have easy access for the train/cabs is a must and hard to find. This backpack is PURRFECT! Easy to carry, light weight and my animals really seem to love it! I’m so happy!

S for 3.5 month kitten for the win!

I couldn't decide on a size S or M for my 3.5 month kitten. She is a rescue that we got last month and at that time weighed about 3 pounds. Based on the product description and size chart, I opted for the S and it just fits her. The harness was easy to put on, even with Kitty resisting me. The harness did not velcro all the way but majority of it was secured and most importantly she could not get out of it. After trying to escape the harness for several minutes she finally gave in and explored the back yard. I am happy with this purchase and will be buying the next size soon.


I bought this backpack for our cat to use on a cross country move. At first she was not happy about it, but then she got used to it, and enjoyed looking through the side mesh windows. Before the big trip we took her in short hikes and car rides to help her get used to the carrier.I was skeptical about this product, given some of the bad reviews, still I decided to give it a try. I was not disappointed. The quality of the backpack is very sturdy, and the inside fluffy pillow allows the cat to lay comfortably. My husband carried her most of the time, but with my cat weighing 18 lbs, and adding it to the weight of the backpack it was still not too heavy to carry her for my petite frame. The only negative thing I can mention is that at the beginning it was kinda difficult to lock the plastic bubble into place, but once it was locked, it stayed firm into place. Overall we really love this product, and it is a much better upgrade than regular uncomfortable and hard carriers.

Banana Cat Bed
Christine K.
It's a hit!

When we brought the banana bed out of the bag, our cat Archer went inside instantly. At the end of the day on Christmas, he was in it for about 3 hours, cozy as could be. Eventually our other cat Sweet Dee joined the party. They aren't cat bed cats but they love the banana bed! It's super soft and a real crowd pleaser! Highly recommend!

Good, but not for my cat

It is a good harness, just not the right harness for my cat. She's never used a harness or any kind of collar before, she is very sentive with what is on top of her. She also managed to scape the harness several times (indoors) with her back legs after struggling for 45 min. It's a good harness, but didn't work with my cat.

"The Fat Cat" Cat Backpack - For Larger Cats
Ann N.
cat approved!

Love the size, it's sturdiness, and interchangeable window. My kitty can climb on top of the backpack itself and it won't bend under pressure, she loves to stick her head out of the window, and it still has room for another cat if your cat isn't on the fluffier side

Amazing find!

Theo loves his harness! A little big but we sized up so he can grow into it!

Banana Cat Bed
Tracy T.
It's freaking cute!

Super cute and awesome accent in the room. Got it for my kitty in XL so he can grow into it, and its perfect! He loves to play in it and it's his ultimate hiding/sleeping spot.

Don’t think about it just buy it now!

I got this when my kitten was 7 months she’s an indoor cat but I noticed she was getting a little on the thicker side so I purchased this with the intent of going on walks it fits perfectly snug on her but she does not want to walk. She’s getting more and more use to it but overall this is the best harness I could’ve purchased.

Medium harness fits my 7lb pup great

This is the easiest harness I have ever put on my dog. She really doesn't mind any harness, so ALL harnesses are OK, but this one just goes on so fast. Adjusting the strap is super easy, just 2 clips. It comes with a color matched leash as well. If you have a 10lb dog, go with the large harness!

Hamburger Cat Bed
Heather H.
Even better than expected- fits the chubs, but not 2 at once

Just ordered a second one because the cats are clambering over each other to get into it and on top of it. There are few purchases that could have the whole household so bemused


Having purchased other harnesses in the past, this one has been the easiest to put on and take off. I love having the added security of both a Velcro closure as well as a locking snap. And unlike other harnesses, my cats seem very comfortable wearing this particular one. I ordered a small, and by simply adjusting the straps, it actually fits all 4 of my cats. I would definitely recommend the harness for short walks and little adventures!

Perfect for 2.5 pounds puppies.

My Yorkie weight 2.5pounds. It fits perfectly.

Good quality

Like the double security of both Velcro and clasps. Secure

Banana Cat Bed
Kylie M.
It fits my chonky kitty!

Probably the best thing I've gotten for my cats in a long time. Definitely a conversation starter when someone new enters my house. My cats were wary of it at first. One likes it more than the other. But they think its a fun place it hide in. Plus it fits my chonky kitty.

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