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Clear Bubble Cat Backpack

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  • Unique, Stylish, Functional, and Comfortable for your cat! Even on a plane!

    Forget conventional cat carriers, now you can give your kitty a great view every time you bring them out of the house.Cats are visual creatures, the more they can see, the more comfortable they are.

    Our amazing Clear Bubble Cat Backpack lets your cat see everything around it!

    That means your next outing will be much less stressful compared to locking your cat in a boxy traditional kennel. Our unique design features a massive viewing window along with 9 ventilation holes and mesh side venting to make sure your cat has plenty of fresh air. The convenient side door allows you to easily reach inside and the handy pocket on the other side is perfect for storing food or cat accessories. The wide padded shoulder straps are comfortable even during long outings and the chest buckle system also helps ease evenly disperse the weight of the load.

    All of the components including the clear viewing window are made from premium-quality, pet-safe materials that are waterproof, easy to clean, and lightweight.

    Best of all, our design is approved by most airlines for use on flights!

    The Clear Bubble Cat Backpack will make your next trip more enjoyable for you and your cat. Find the perfect color to match your style.

green clear bubble cat backpack side open

🐾 [ Unobstructed Views ]
The Clear Bubble Cat Backpack features an enormous amount of viewing space for your cat to enjoy. Your cat will love seeing the changing environments and surroundings and they will always stay nice and comfortable inside thanks to our roomy design.

🐾 [ Style & Function ]
Not only does the Clear Bubble Cat Backpack look amazing but it is also very easy to use. The clear viewing window zips easily on and off to allow for simple entries and exits. Plus, the side panel can also be used to get your kitty in and out. Your cat will like it much more than traditional kennel-style carriers.

green clear bubble cat backpack front open

green clear bubble cat backpack features

🐾 [ Full of Features ]
The Clear Bubble Cat Backpack is loaded with features that add comfort and safety to your travel experience. You'll love the soft top handle grip and your cat will love the comfortable padded carpeting base. Plus, we've also included a safety leash inside to make sure your cat doesn't fall or jump out.

🐾 [ Extra Shipping Protection ]
We want your kitty to have the clearest view possible which is why we have added a protective film coating to our huge viewing window. When your backpack arrives simply peel away the protective layer to reveal a spotless brand new viewing area.

green clear bubble cat backpack protective film removal

Customer Reviews

Based on 129 reviews
Alaina B.
Both my cat and I are obsessed!

Even from the first unwrapping my kitten was so curious! She runs in the opening every time I’m near the back door and she’s super comfy in it even for longer periods of time. It’s also very sturdy which I like. My kitty isn’t flopping around everywhere and even when I am removing it from my back it’s easy to keep it level and it’s super comfy to wear! My cat (and myself) really appreciate enjoying fresh air safely!

Jatina W.
Love it

Absolutely love it. It was exactly what I saw online and received ❤❤❤

William T.

this thing is so futuristic and awesome. my kitty went right in and enjoyed the trip!

Chad W.

My cat is super furry and a little on the heavy side, so I was worried she wouldn't fit in it but she does! Shes 12-13lbs, shes a little snug in it but still fits and doesnt mind being in it. Definitely recommended, especially if you want a backpack with a 360 view for your fur baby

Robert F.

I love it, light weight, didnt look cheap, well made backpack. Everyone on the street love it and want to buy. My cat used to travel with me so he is very comfort inside and your animal will get a lot of attention from strangers :)

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