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Cats have different moods, and we need to respect that. One of their moods may be the irresistible urge to go outside, but sadly, a lot of people are against cats going out due to fear of their kitty getting hurt. On the other hand, we believe that cats should not be caged indoors.

Depriving your cats of nature or only taking them out once in a blue moon will have a negative effect on your bond with the cat. Therefore, taking them outside frequently is your responsibility as their owner.

Below, we will discuss why going outside is therapeutic for a cat and what steps you should take to ensure your cat's safety.

Source of Entertainment

We often fail to spend quality time with our cats due to workload and stress. However, taking your cat outside for a while is the best way to make it up to them.

Being in nature provides the cats all the entertainment and the fun they crave near the vicinity of their home.

Physical Fitness

Cats that are continuously kept inside start getting bored and don't do much running or climbing to keep them fit. On the other hand, taking them outside gives them a lot of opportunities that can help keep your cat physically and mentally fit.

Mental Health

Cats are predators, so stalking through nature is where they belong. Therefore, keeping them inside can be harmful to their mental health.

Meanwhile, when your cats go outside, they smell different smells and observe other animals, which is refreshing to our pet's mind.

Natural Instincts

Aforementioned, cats are proficient predators. They cannot follow their instincts, such as climbing, running, and jumping while stuck inside. Moreover, if they did follow their instincts in your home, it would be a nightmare.

Let them hunt their prey by taking them to a place populated with small insects and rodents.

As refreshing and healthy it is for cats to go outside, there are also some drawbacks such as:

  1. Your pet could escape your sight. However, when it wanders too far, your cat can forget the way back to you. We suggest using a harness in this case.
  2. Your cat might get into a fight with other cats or dogs. To avoid this situation, use the cat backpack so that your cat doesn't get out of control.
  3. Your cat might become the victim of a road accident. Stay with your cat at all times to avoid this traumatizing scenario.


Cats deserve to go outside and explore their neighborhoods; however, they will need your complete attention and care to do that.

Therefore, different accessories and gadgets can help avert the dangers that your cat might face outside and ensure a safe, healthy experience. Using proper care and precautions, you and your cat will not encounter any problems during your outing.

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